Senin, April 02, 2007

obligatory donation / shodaqoh NII KW 9

In a separate development, former members of the Islamic State of Indonesia (NII) went to the police to follow up their report seven years ago as they reported that they were made bankrupt by the group.47 Apparently to fulfill the monthly obligatory donation (shodaqoh), NII members did everything they could, including stealing and robbing houses.48 A former leader of NII Commandment IX (NII KW IX) claimed that this was justified under the pretext that those outside of NII are infidels thus; their treasures are up for grabs. He was obliged to pay 16 million rupiahs around 3000$) a month in addition to 25 million (around 4000$) to “absolve his sins.” The NII
movement is well known when it recruited new members through prayer groups at public and university mosques. Each member was obliged to pay a monthly contribution, or they would be punished by being isolated in rooms.49

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